Hide the VAM

There are two ways to hide the VTScada Application Manager (VAM):

  • In your application, you can open the Other tab of the Edit Properties page of the Application Properties dialog and select "Hide VAM from users without Application Manager View privilege" .
  • You can set the property HideWAM to 1 in the Setup.ini configuration file. When TRUE, the VAM will be hidden from the view. Hiding the VAM prevents operators from having access to VAM's commands and debugging tools.

The first method is recommended since the VAM will be hidden only when your application is running, and this method does not require that you edit configuration files.

For VTScada programmers: HideWAM is an older name for HideVAM. In Setup.INI, HideWAM may still be used, but if you are creating code that refers to this property, always use the newer, HideVAM. The setting, HideWAM, is checked only on startup.

If the application is set to run full-screen without a Windows™ title bar, then there will be no way for operators to stop it. If there is a title bar with an X in the upper corner, then stopping the application will also cause VTScada to stop. The VAM will not continue to run, hidden from view, when all applications have stopped.

The security privilege, View Application Manager, allows selected users to see and use the VAM while it remains hidden to all others. These users may stop the application without also causing VTScada to exit. (Assuming that they have the Stop Application privilege.)

To hide the VAM using the Application Configuration dialog:

Preparation: Ensure that security has been enabled in the application and at least one account has the "View Application Manager" privilege.

  1. Open the Application Dialog
  2. Select the Edit Properties page.
  3. Select the Other tab within the Edit Properties page.
  4. Scroll down and select the option, "Hide VAM from users without ...".
  5. Click Apply to save your changes, entering a comment in the dialog that opens to record your reason for making this change.

To hide the VAM using Setup.INI:

Preparation: Before making this configuration change, it is essential that at least one application be configured to start automatically, since without access to the VAM, you would have no way of starting any application. As a safety measure, VTScada will ignore the HideWAM setting unless at least one application has been configured to auto-start.

Ensure that security has been enabled within that application, and that the privilege View Application Manager is granted to at least one account.

  1. Ensure that at least one application has its Auto-Start option set.
  2. Open the Setup.INI file, located directly within the VTScada installation directory, using the text editor of your choice.
  3. The property HideWAM should already be present. If not, add it (or better: HideVAM) within the [OEM] section.
  4. Set the property equal to 1.

HideVAM = 1

  1. Save and close the Setup.INI configuration file.
  2. Re-start VTScada.

The VAM will automatically be hidden.

  1. Grant the system privilege View Application Manager to selected accounts or roles.

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