Confirmation Prompts for Output Tags

Many of the widgets for output tags include an option to require the operator to confirm that they intended to write a value. For analog tags, the confirmation text will include the new value. For example, "Are you sure you want to set the value to 1500?".

For I/O and Calculation tags configured as Digitals, the text for the prompt comes from the digital mode of the associated Style Settings tag. You can have a variety of messages for a variety of digital tags by configuring equipment types. For example "Open" for valves, "Start" for motors, "On" for switches. This is also true for I/O tags configured as discrete.

For some digital tags, the message displayed will be more or less meaningful depending on how you configure the tag. For example, the Digital Control tag includes the fields "On Text" and "Off Text". Selector Switches provide a label for each position. If you provide a descriptive word for the control action matching each output state ("On", "Open", "Start"), then that word will appear in the confirmation prompt. For tags that do not have this option, and for those with the option that you leave unconfigured, a generic message will be displayed.