Color Line Widget

Used by:  I/O and Calculations, Alarm, Alarm Status, Analog Input,  Analog Output,  Analog Status,  Analog Control,  Alarm,  Calculation,  Counter,  Digital Control,  Digital Input,  Digital Output,  Digital Status,  Function,  History Statistics, Pump Status, Rate of Change, Selector Switch, Serial Port, SQL Logger,  Totalizer, Trigger, UDP/IP Port.

* Does not use the Style Settings tag.

The Color Line tag widget is used to draw a line that changes any combination of color, width and style to indicate the state of the associated tag. Can be linked to most numerics, but meant primarily for digitals.

The properties dialog for the Color Line:

State X Pen and Invalid Pen

Opens the Select Pen dialog. From this dialog, you can select the color, line style and width that the Color Line object will use to show each state of the underlying tag.

Pen Orientation

Use the Pen Orientation drop-down list to select one of four orientations for the completed Color Line object (horizontal, vertical, left 45 degrees, or right 45 degrees). The orientation remains the same for all tag states.

Disable Options

Disable selected operator-interaction features of this widget.

See: Operator Interaction Controls

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