Prevent the specified access method via VIC/MIC/Anywhere Client. Valid values include blank, oidc, usernamepassword, or a combination of oidc and usernamepassword separated by spaces. If both are specified (last option in the list) then no connection is possible.

(A corresponding property to disallow OpenID Connect authorizations is Enable, within the <SECURITYMANAGER-OIDC> section.)

If set to usernamepassword, clients cannot connect to a VTScada Thin Client Server using a standard username and password combination.



Section: <SecurityManager-Admin>

Default: RemoteAuthMethodsDisallowed =

*No restart required (Settings.Dynamic property)



Some sites may maintain two (or more) VTScada Thin Client Servers, where username/password logons are permitted to some but not others. To achieve this, create workstation-specific configuration files where RemoteAuthMethodsDisallowed is set to usernamepassword for one server but not another. An example is provided in the topic,Workstation-Specific Properties