Configuration Field Colors

Tag fields in the configuration panel will change color to provide more information about the type of change that has occurred in them.

Icons That Describe Tags also provide useful information.

Field Color Meaning
White Unchanged during current editing session. No over-ride or parameter expression.
Green The parameter value has been changed from its previous (or default) value in the current editing session.
A special case is if the parameter's original value came from code built into the tag type's definition. In that case the color orange will be used...
Orange A parameter value that was originally defined through parameter expression code has been overridden to use either a specific value or a new expression.
Pale Yellow Non-inherited value. Similar to an override, but used in the Area field of a child tag if you have provided a new value rather than allowing the tag to use the Area inherited from its parent tag.
Blue The value is calculated from a parameter expression.
Red The field's current value is outside the allowed range of values for this field.