Equipment / Status Color Indicator

* Can use properties from a Style Settings tag.

Used by: I/O and Calculations, Alarm, Alarm Status, Analog Control, Analog Input, Analog Output, Analog Status, Calculation, Counter, Deadband, Digital Control, Digital Input, Digital Control, Digital Status, Function, History Statistics, Modem, Network Status, Pump Status, Rate of Change, Roster, Selector Switch, Serial Port, SMS Appliance, SQL Logger, TCP/IP Port, Totalizer, Trigger, UDP/IP Port,

Status color indicators can be found in the folders Equipment, Indicators >> Basic, and High Performance. These are images of equipment or ISA symbols that take their color from a Style Settings tag. You can choose whether the indicator should use the style for Digitals, High Performance, or an Equipment type.

These widgets will indicate an active alarm according to the properties of the attached Style Settings tag (Exceptions tab). To continue indicating an alarm that is unacknowledged but no longer active, change the property AlarmWidgetsShowUnackedNormalAlarm in the application's properties, setting the value to 1.

The properties dialog for a Status Color Indicator widget:


Optionally, select a Style Settings tag to control the colors shown by the light, in response to the linked tag's value and alarm state. See: Style Settings Tags

Use High Performance Colors

This option refers to the High Performance tab of the Style Settings tag. There, you will find Default Equipment Status colors for Off and On. Those colors are used only when the Use High Performance Colors option is set within this widget.

For Equipment / Status Color widgets, when the High Performance option is selected, alarm (exception) colors are NOT shown. Use an Alarm Indicator widget instead.

For Digital and Discrete I/O tags, use the following guide:

* If the widget has the option, Use High Performance Colors and that is selected, then those colors are used for 1 and 0 (On and Off).
* Otherwise if the linked tag has an Equipment Type and the Style has a definition for that type, then those colors and labels are used.
* Otherwise (at least for Digitals), the colors for the data type are used.

Image Select

Opens the Select Image dialog, within which you can browse for images, import new images, and select the image to use.

* VTScada recognizes the following image formats: .BMP, .CUT, .PCX, .EMF, .WMF, .JPG, .PNG, .TIF

Image Adjust

Opens the Adjust Image dialog box, which can be used to change the color and other display characteristics of the image. See: Adjust Image Dialog

Image Clear

Remove the selected image and do not select a replacement.

Disable Options

Disable selected operator-interaction features of this widget.


High Performance

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