Integrated SCADA Features

Integrated features reduce integration time and improve long-term reliability

VTScada eliminates the expense of buying, integrating and maintaining third-party components.  All mission-critical SCADA components built into the core product. With one installation you get all fully-integrated SCADA features.

  • Connections to components do not degrade over time
  • Upgrading software version does not require re-integration
  • Unlock optional components with just a license key number
  • Native VTScada Polling Driver replaces expensive master PLC hardware


Out-of-the-box Features

  • Advanced Polling Management – Replaces expensive master PLC devices to poll remote sites. Groups and schedules polling cycles for increased efficiency.
  • Full Redundancy – Easily configure automatic failover to back up servers, Internet servers and I/O links.
  • Historical Data Viewer – Generate graphs or tables of historical data that you can annotate or export.
  • Alarms – Sort or filter current, unacknowledged and historical alarms.
  • Rich Graphic Capabilities – Photorealistic meters, switches, animations, grouping, color and transparency adjustment and over 3,500 images.
  • Display Creation Tools – ‘drag & drop’ toolset and object-oriented scripting language allow simple display creation and limitless customization.
  • Auto-generated SCADA Displays – VTScada creates a display (with I/O and alarms) for each RTU.
  • Security – Privilege-based user accounts control access to workstations, thin clients, and the alarm notification system.
  • Report Generator – Output ad-hoc or scheduled reports to screen, printer, file, database or email, Excel or Excel templates.
  • Water/Wastewater Reports – e.g. daily total and derived flow, pump runtime discrepancy, communication error summaries.
  • Open Architecture – Library of device drivers allows communication with most brands of PLC and RTU (e.g. S7 Ethernet & DNP3)
  • High-Efficiency Tag Development – Special analog and digital tag types feature built-in alarms, logging and reports.