Power Generation SCADA

VTScada provides a stable, proven monitoring and control platform for power generation applications ranging from single generators to large distributed multi-plant systems. The unique integrated toolset provides an intuitive environment for centralized command and control, substation monitoring, expert systems, and integration of process and business systems.

VTScada has a proven track record of installations ranging from traditional fossil fuels to renewable resources like hydro, thermal, wind, solar, and tidal power.

Typical SCADA Applications:

  • Plant control
  • Generating station control
  • Turbine interfaces
  • Water usage accounting
  • River control (Hydro)
  • Energy dispatch
  • Generating resource management

VTScada Tradewinds Power Display
VTScada Generator Display
VTScada UPS Display
VTScada Generator Display
VTScada Infinia Dish Monitoring Display
VTScada Generator Display