SCADA Software Pricing

SCADA software pricing shouldn’t be a big secret.

We believe SCADA should be easy to price and easy to use. The simple SCADA software pricing linked below makes it easy to understand exactly what you need and how much it will cost. The links below open each list in a new window where you can click the download arrow in the top right corner.

End User Pricing for Small to Medium Sized Systems *

Optional Support and Upgrades

We offer a variety of support and upgrade options for your mission critical applications.

Pricing FAQ

  • Licenses are priced per installed PC.
  • License prices are one time. See optional yearly support and upgrade options below.
  • Thin Client connections (smartphones, tablets, PCs) are licensed per concurrent user.
  • Licensed by the number of I/O tags that read and write data to external equipment and software.
  • Tag counts include all applications running concurrently on the licensed PC.
  • VTScada components cannot be added to other SCADA platforms.

* Email us to request one of the following:

  • The OEM and Systems Integrator price list (contains additional tag band options).
  • Pricing information for systems in excess of 100,000 I/O (AKA the Enterprise Price List).