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Multi-Server SCADA Maintenance Made Easy with VTScada – YouTube

In this video, Dave will show you how to use the Services page in VTScada to help take servers offline for maintenance without disrupting the SCADA system. The Services page allows you to see the status of all the servers and services in your multi-server application. By using the Services page, you can ensure that your SCADA system remains operational and resilient, even when you need to perform maintenance on some of the servers. Watch the video and learn how to use this powerful feature of VTScada.


How To Activate and Deactivate VTScada Licenses

As your SCADA architecture grows (and your servers age), there will be times when you need to move VTScada licenses to other PCs. In this short video, Jenny demonstrates some of the fundamentals of VTScada license management including: activating a new VTScada license on a new PC, deactivating a license from one computer and activating it on another, and deactivating licenses installed on PCs that has permanently failed.