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How to do Faceplates in VTScada

While some SCADA software providers may provide or sell pre-configured faceplates for certain types of equipment, VTScada includes to tools to easily create fully customized and reusable objects and widgets to represent equipment types and reusable pages. This is done through custom tag-types, custom widgets, and parameterized pages. While these concepts may be new to[…]

XLReporter Interface to VTScada

SyTech Video Demonstrates XLReporter’s Custom Connection to VTScada

VTScada is able to share historical data from it’s built-in Historian with third-party information systems using ODBC, OPC, and Web Services. We are very pleased that SyTech, makers of XLReporter software, worked with our team to develop a custom interface to further simplify that process. This short video demonstrates how XLReporter connects to VTScada applications[…]

Xylem Easily Deploys an Intuitive Flood Control HMI to the Royal Irrigation Department of Thailand

A VTScada Application Profile The Royal Irrigation Department of Thailand The responsibilities of the Royal Irrigation Department of Thailand (RID) include developing the nation’s irrigation systems and managing its flood control infrastructure. In 2018, the RID contracted global water technology company Xylem Water Solutions to develop and deploy a new HMI/SCADA system for their BangKhanak[…]