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VTScada 12.1 – Easy to Try

Version 12.1 is now in general release. See a list of new features here. Fill out this form to automatically receive a 90-day software key as well as links to download the trial and a water system application.

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  • OS Requirements. The latest Windows® version back to Server 2012®. See more requirements.
  • Not for production systems. Email us to learn if your existing key supports the latest version.

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    Step 1

    Download the VTScada Installer using the button below.
    Download VTScada

    Step 2

    Extract the downloaded ZIP folder and run VTScada.exe

    Step 3

    Click through the installer. When prompted to enter a license key. Use the one provided below:

    ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

    Click the Key To copy it to your Clipboard

    Step 4

    Start VTScada to open the VTScada Application Manager. Also known as the VAM.

    Step 5

    Select 'Add New Application' from the menu in the top left corner of the VAM. Please feel free to Contact one of our Technical Salespersons for assistance getting started with VTScada or check out our video tutorials here