Become a VTScada Integrator

Become a VTScada Integrator
  • Is your work limited by proprietary SCADA software that is only compatible with specific brands of telemetry hardware?
  • Does the cost of integrating third-party SCADA products like alarm notification systems make it harder to win bids?
  • Are you frustrated waiting for support from call centers where staff don’t know you or your needs?

Why Become a VTScada Integrator?

VTScada is finely-crafted SCADA software designed to solve the problems that others ignore.

  • Our unique all-in-one approach pre-integrates all mission-critical SCADA components with one installation.
  • Real-time configuration allows you to build and test applications without constantly stopping and re-starting. Distribute entire applications with a single easy-to-import VTScada ChangeSet file.
  • Application Version Control allows you to immediately recover from the unwanted effects of configuration. These rapid-development features allow you increase your return on investment by offering more products and services to your customers.
  • VTScada’s unique architecture reduces the number of servers you need to purchase and configure while increasing the level of system redundancy. If you choose, you can also eliminate the cost of integrating master PLCs to handle your polling.

VTScada can do that for you, out of the box.

Over 38 Years of Extraordinary Support

Our team of over forty developers, programmers, and engineers in three countries will provide you with the most accessible and reliable technical support in the industry.

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