Historical Data Logging

VTScada Historical Data LoggingBuilt-in Data Logging

No other software does more to protect your historical data and put it to work across your organization.

The VTScada Historian is part of every VTScada application. Built for speed, it can log data at up to 4,000 values a second and sync across a WAN at up to 160,000 values a second. It can also share process data with third-party reporting tools via the VTScada ODBC Server. Any tag drawn to a graphic display begins logging process data to the historical database automatically.

  • Fast robust data logging and historical synchronization across networks
  • Historical data are separated into monthly folders for easy archiving
  • Log process data based on time of day or changes in value
  • Avoid logging useless information using deadbands and delays
  • Configure logging by tag

Supported Database Formats
In addition to the native VTScada Historian, VTScada supports Oracle®, SQL Server®, MySQL®, and SQLite® database formats.