SCADA Polling Management

VTScada Polling DriverTelemetry devices typically share a common (and costly) communications link. The more efficiently you can use that network the less often you will need to expand it as you add new PLCs and RTUs to your system.

VTScada’s integrated SCADA Polling Management features automatically organize scheduled polling cycles and communications channels to simplify device communications and reduce integration time.

Eliminate Expensive Master PLCs
VTScada software polls each remote site directly, eliminating the need for a master PLC device. This reduces hardware costs, configuration time and points of failure.

Polling Groups
Devices may be grouped into sets with similar communications channels (i.e. radio, wireless Ethernet gateway), allowing each group’s polling cycle to act independently. Each cycle can be independently enabled or disabled. Configure an unlimited number of independent polling groups.

Operational Polling Control
‘Enable Polling Checkbox’ and ‘Toggle Polling Button’ widgets start/stop polling without configuration privileges.

VTScada PollingMultiple Polling Modes
Selecting ‘Fast poll’ mode for a specific RTU in a polling cycle sets a higher polling frequency to facilitate maintenance or to troubleshoot during emergency situations. Use can also configure external triggers to poll on infrequent schedules or on commands from operators.

  • Use external triggers to poll on infrequent schedules or on command.
  • Enable or disable polling in any polling driver.