Privacy Policy

Trihedral Commitment to Privacy of Information

In the conduct of its business enterprise, the Trihedral group of companies is committed to compliance with all applicable laws for the safeguarding of personal data (information concerning an identifiable individual) and respect for the reasonable expectations of privacy of persons communicating with Trihedral, or accessing the Trihedral Website.

Non-public information submitted to Trihedral is protected from unauthorised access and accidental disclosure or destruction by means of secure custody which we believe are effective and which are updated from time to time to maintain technical effectiveness.

Use of Information Communicated to Trihedral

Information collected by Trihedral, including personal data, may be used internally to improve the products and services offered by Trihedral and for marketing and sales analysis purposes, but is never sold, leased or licensed by Trihedral for use by third parties. Where appropriate, Trihedral will enter into non-disclosure agreements with its prospective and present customers on mutually acceptable terms and conditions.

In the course of developing the products and services of Trihedral, and in specific projects undertaken in cooperation with other companies and agencies, Trihedral may share information concerning contact personnel and marketing opportunities with allied companies and commercial interests. By providing contact information and non-confidential information to Trihedral, you consent to such communication of the information and accept the terms of this Privacy Policy.

Amendment of Policy

Trihedral reserves the right to revise this Policy from time to time, for the purpose of legal compliance and as may be reasonably required in accordance with effective business practices. It is your responsibility, in the use of the Trihedral Website, to periodically review this Privacy Policy to ensure that you are aware of the terms as are stated in the current revision.

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