VTScada Device Driver Library

VTScada Device DriversThe VTScada Device Driver Library provides maximum flexibility when choosing monitoring and control devices by supporting most industry standard and even many proprietary I/O protocols. We can also create new drivers to meet your needs.

  • All drivers include communications alarms (VTScada 10.1).
  • Group drivers and other related tags using VTScada Context Tag.
  • Trigger tag expression for OFF condition.
  • Log History Stats tags.
  • Some drivers support store and forward and logged data retrieval.
  • Driver support for third-party products (e.g. Pi, Excel via DDE).

Notable SCADA Drivers

  • The IEC Driver (release in 11.3) supports a collection of IEC 60870-5 standards used to connect to a broad class of devices from around the world. In addition to time stamping and report by exception (RBE), this driver also allows VTScada to act as an IEC slave (virtual PLC).
  • The new JSON/XML Driver allows VTScada to connect to the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).
  • The SNMP driver uses UDP-based network protocol to communicate with devices used in oil & gas and broadcasting.
  • Diagnostics drivers for MDS and DataRadios® provide real-time signal strength and other diagnostic data.
  • The VTScada Motorola IP Gateway Driver reduces communication traffic by using ‘report by exception’ features of Motorola ACE and MOSCAD RTUs.
  • The DNP3 driver now includes an Addressing Assist Dialog to help configure addresses quickly with less chance of error.
  • The Allen-Bradley® driver supports Radio Keying.


This video demonstrates how to use built-in drivers to connect to an I/O device.

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