General Release V 11.3.21

Announcing VTScada 11.3.21 General Release

VTScada 11.3.21 is now available for download. If you have a valid VTScada SupportPlus Contract, you can download and install it anytime.

A Constantly Growing SCADA Solution

In addition to major software version updates, our permanent team of programmers and engineers regularly releases service updates with enhancements, bug fixes, and new features.


  • The OPC Client Driver now allows the acceptance of data with bad or uncertain quality.
  • It in now possible to set the maximum update rate for OPC Client Drivers via the Tag Scan Rate.
  • VTScada now supports the SMTP LOGIN authentication method which in turn allows using Office 365 as an SMTP server.
  • It is now possible to define custom headers that need to be included in the JSON/XML Driver’s HTTP request.

See All The New 11.3 Features

Download and Install
Refer to the email containing your VTScada license key for information about where to download the latest version.  If you are not sure about what version you are eligible to download, contact us.

Download the free version of our award-winning SCADA Software:  VTScadaLIGHT