High-efficiency Tag Development

Standard Component

Edit Tags Outside of VTScada

To create and edit tags outside of VTScada, you can first export them to Access®, Excel®, and SQL Server® or any ODBC-compatible database. Then, once you perform the edits, you can re-import them. These changes are merged with the existing tag database and recorded by the version control system.

VTScada Tag Export

Other Rapid-development Features

  • Special analog and digital tag types integrate alarming and logging capability to reduce development time
  • VTScada Pump Status Tags automatically associate with preconfigured pump status reports, displaying pump Runtimes and starts/stops
  • Configure delays to reduce alarms due to minor disturbances
  • ‘Log on change’ is activated whenever a new tag is added. This helps reduce database size without losing important data
  • New I/O tags automatically flagged as ‘Questionable’ to assist commissioning