Lift Station Display Templates

Standard Component

Add a New Lift Station Display in Seconds

Combine tag structures and graphics into reusable Page Tag templates that simplify configuration of applications with similar assets.

VTScada Built-in Display Template

Built-in Templates

VTScada comes with pre-defined lift station display page templates for two Remote Telemetry Units (RTU) with configurations that are relatively consistent from device to device: Xylem MultiSmart® and MPE Pump Controllers.

These may also be used for similar devices or as useful examples.

Each auto-generated display includes:

  • Alarms
  • Analog and digital inputs
  • Digital controls
  • Analog setpoints
  • Counters and Runtime totalizers
  • Data age and communication link status
  • Latitude/longitude with slippy maps support
  • Summary starts/stops

New tools allow you to create and reuse your own reusable templates.