VTScada OPC Client and Server

Part of the Connectivity Package included in the VTScada Development Runtime License.

SCADA OPC Client and Server

An Effective Alternative to Direct Drivers

VTScada has an extensive library of third-party device drivers that allow it to communicate with monitoring and control hardware from a wide variety of manufacturers.  For some I/O devices however, a direct driver is simply not available. In these cases, VTScada’s OPC Client and Server can be an effective alternative.

Since both of the following are integrated components of VTScada, they take only seconds to configure.

  • VTScada OPC Server (Optional)

    Allows OPC-compliant programs (including other VTScada applications with OPC clients) to send and receive live process data to and from a standard VTScada application.

  • VTScada OPC Client (Standard)

    The VTScada OPC Client has long been a standard feature of VTScada. It allows a standard VTScada application to send and receive live process data to and from an OPC-compliant server (including other VTScada applications with configured OPC servers).

OPC Client and Server Licensing

The OPC Client is available for no additional cost, while the OPC Server requires an additional license fee (Runtime Licenses only).

Highly Efficient OPC Architecture

Values are updated on change. The client attached to the VTScada OPC Server need not (and should not) use polling. The fastest update rate supported by the server is 20ms.

Adding an OPC Server tag to a networked application enables the OPC server on every workstation running the application. Clients must specify which workstation they are connecting to.