SCADA Operator Logbook

Standard Component

Are you required to keep a written operator’s logbook to provide traceability for the actions of your users? VTScada improves this process by providing an electronic SCADA operator logbook. Notes entered by users are automatically time-stamped and labeled with the operator’s name.

VTScada Operator Notes

Once created, notes cannot be edited and the entire log is saved to an encrypted file, such that the file is unreadable outside VTScada and cannot be edited with a text editor.

Accessible from any Workstation or Web Client
Notes are networked so that they can be accessed by any VTScada user with appropriate application security privileges.

Communicate Across Different Shifts and Departments
Operator notes act as a VTScada bulletin board, providing a way for users across the organization and across work shifts to communicate and record activities (e.g. ‘Please check engine 1 on backshift. Overspeed during dayshift. Let me know. Bob’).

  • Notes include timestamp, user name
  • Print range of date/times or all notes