SCADA Redundancy and Automatic Failover

Requires Multiple VTScada Licenses

Only VTScada Provides System-wide SCADA Redundancy

To maximize system uptime, we developed the most comprehensive and user-friendly approach to SCADA redundancy in the industry.
VTScada Full System Redundancy
In minutes, configure hot back-up failover for each of the following:

  1. Server Redundancy – VTScada supports unlimited synchronized servers with automatic failover. Configure any VTScada thick client to be a redundant server in just minutes. Edit server lists without process interruption. Each server maintains a complete copy of the application’s tags, security settings, displays, scripts, networked variables and configuration history. Historical and alarm history data can also be synchronized across all servers. Share CPU load for most services across multiple computers.
  2. Internet Server Redundancy – If a server goes offline, client connections seamlessly failover to the next designated server. Configure any number of redundant servers.
  3. I/O Connection Redundancy – The VTScada Driver Multiplexer provides seamless failover to redundant communication networks or redundant I/O devices. Supports Serial, Ethernet, dial-up, DNP3, and radio.
  4. Historian Redundancy – VTScada also supports an unlimited number of redundant, synchronized historians spread across multiple servers.

VTScada Redundancy Tutorial

Watch VTScada software trainer Andrew Harvie demonstrate how easy it is to set up a redundant SCADA server with automatic hot backup failover.