Register a New VTScada License

We understand that the end user expects that SupportPlus will become effective when the installation is completed and accepted. To address this critical element, we have chosen to make the following enhancements to our service.

Each new license will be shipped with the contracted SupportPlus period (basic three months plus any additional purchased time). Once the license is installed, as required by the VTScada License Agreement, the end user must immediately be registered with Trihedral. The contracted SupportPlus period will then be reset, provided this registration is completed within one year of the license purchase. Please note that the contracted SupportPlus period will not extend past one year from the date of the original purchase, except where additional SupportPlus has been purchased. You can now benefit from two separate support periods during both critical integration stages.

VTScada software is licensed exclusively in accordance with the VTScada Software License Agreement (Standard Conditions) which provides protection to the license holder. As such, it is not transferable without Trihedral’s consent which can be obtained by submitting the below registration form detailing the license holder.

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    Trihedral sends annual renewals to the system integrator who commissioned the license(s). Please check the box below if you, the integrator, would prefer the annual renewals to be sent directly to the end user.

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