The Automation Village Spotlight: Filter Magic

About Filter Magic:

Filter Magic® is a pre-packaged, pre-programmed, proven and patented, innovative filter control system which takes complete responsibility for the entire filter system including all controls, instrumentation, valve actuators and water. Our comprehensive user-friendly software solutions are customized for precise operation, backwash and optimization requirements.

Filter Magic® solutions are perfect for surface, ground, or tertiary gravity filter systems in water, wastewater or industrial water treatment applications.

About Mark Romers, President:

President, inventor and manufacturer of Filter Magic® Zero2Waste® IQ System filter control and optimization systems, which utilize unique technology and solutions to efficiently operate and optimize potable surface water or tertiary filter systems. Founder and President (since 1980) of Industrial Control Systems, Inc., a national systems integrator.


  • Breakout Sessions, May 7, 2020:
    Crosstown Road WTP Case Study
    Water, Every Drop Counts! The presentation is a case history of a filter control system upgrade at the Crosstown Road WTP in Fayette County, Georgia, that included innovative filter control and Zero2Waste® optimization water saving solutions. The results increased filter system performance, eliminated excess filter system backwash and related FTW water, and substantially reduced wastewater treatment costs while providing the client substantial water savings and ROI.
  • Virtual Tradeshow, April 23, 2020:
    Replacing Traditional OIT Platforms with State-of-the-Art Industrial PCs
    In 2020, Filter Magic® made a critical decision to change its filter control console HMI interfaces from traditional OIT platforms to state-of-the-art Industrial PCs powered by VTScada software.  Our decision was made in an effort to continue to provide our clients the most enhanced operational functionality, high-performance graphics, trend and historical data analysis possible through the use of our patented filter control and optimization solutions at the filter control console level directly in front of the filters.

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