The Automation Village Spotlight: Ocean Data Systems

Using Reports and Dashboards to Tame the Ocean of Industrial Data

Dream Report is taming that ocean of data with industrial reports and dashboards for every market. It’s the first programming free, user-friendly, automated reporting and data analysis software designed specifically for industrial automation applications. It is designed to be the simplest solution for extracting data from VTScada and virtually any other data source.  Dream Report will provide automated analytics to anybody, anywhere, anytime.

There are reports you must have, to be in business. There are EPA Reports in Water and Wastewater – Power – Chemicals – Oil and Gas; FDA Reports in Pharmaceutical and Biotech; Leeds and EPBD Reports in Building Automation. Dream Report does them all, and so many more!  By automating them, Dream Report slashes the time you’re spending in generating reports, to the fraction required to review and approve them. Dream Report saves you time, reduces errors and lets you focus on what really needs to be done, in whatever market you’re in.

If you’re spending 10 minutes a day analyzing data, then you’re wasting $1,450 per year in busy-work, and, you’re likely the only one benefiting from that analysis. A report or dashboard with all your KPIs, generated automatically, delivered to all stakeholders, becomes the catalyst for continuous improvement. Now, take that one report value and replicate it over the 10 to 15 or more reports in a typical Dream Report installation and you have a payback in days or months. Don’t settle for tools that make you work.  Let Dream Report do the work for you.

About Ocean Data Systems (Dream Report):

Ocean Data Systems has one purpose, to create the BEST reporting and dashboarding software for the industrial automation market, called Dream Report.  Today, Dream Report is the leading solution, installed in over 11,000 sites around the globe and available in 14 languages.  With over 15 years of development and improvement, Dream Report has been tailored to perfectly fit every vertical market, delivering the key features and benefits, meeting the compliance, performance and data analysis needs of each.  Dream Report is the most resold and recommended product for industrial reports and dashboards.

About Roy Kok, Vice President Sales & Marketing:

Roy Kok heads up sales and marketing for Ocean Data Systems, makers of Dream Report.  Prior to that, Roy held management positions with GE Digital, Kepware, ARC Advisory Group, among other notable companies in his 40-year history with the industrial automation market.

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