The Automation Village Spotlight: Owl Cyber Defense Solutions, LLC

About Owl Cyber Defense Solutions, LLC:

Owl Cyber Defense Solutions, LLC, leads the world in data diode and cross domain network cybersecurity. With a constant focus on customers in the military, government, critical infrastructure, and commercial communities, Owl develops market-first, one-way data transfer products to meet a variety of operational needs, from entry level to enterprise. Owl cybersecurity specialists are intimately familiar with a wide variety of industry pain points, technologies, and best practices, and have helped hundreds of organizations around the world secure their networks with Owl’s patented hardware-enforced, unhackable data diode solutions.

About Scott W. Coleman, Vice President of Marketing:

Scott joined the Owl team in 2014, bringing with him a strong technical background with 25+ years of experience working for high tech, B2B companies that ranged from startups to large multi-national companies. Scott has made a career of developing and bringing to market, real-time, mission critical software and hardware products supporting industries as diverse as cybersecurity, cellular telecommunications, healthcare, logistics, e911, and wiretapping. These solutions work across enterprises, connect to the cloud, and now protect the IoT.

With a degree in Computer Information Systems from Bentley University in Boston, Scott started with two feet firmly planted in software engineering, progressed to different leadership positions and has crossed the boundaries of engineering, product management and marketing. Scott has become a thought leader and strikes the balance between espousing technical jargon and providing technical direction that helps customers make informed product decisions.


  • Virtual Tradeshow, March 26, 2020:
    Best Practices for Cyber Security  – Isolate, Segment, and Protect
    We are all now keenly aware that the best way to protect people from the current virus outbreak is to isolate, segment, and protect them with physical barriers. The same holds true for cybersecurity. Data diodes are designed to provide physical separation and protection of digital devices and the networks on which they operate. Computer viruses got their name for a reason; the same way we are now looking to the CDC for best practices, we can look to the Department of Homeland Security for cybersecurity best practices and how to use data diodes for the level of protection needed in today’s threat environment.
  • Breakout Sessions, April 16, 2020:
    Data Diode Cybersecurity for Defending the Grid
    Data diodes are widely deployed in both power generation, transmission and distribution networks. In this session, we will run through use cases for simultaneously isolating and protecting power networks from cyber threats while maintaining a consistent and constant flow of data to outside parties for a variety of purposes (monitoring, production data, SIEM information, historian data, etc.)  We will also look into regulatory issues and how data diodes help operators meet NERC requirements.

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