The Automation Village Spotlight: Z-Tech Control Systems and WIPAC

About Z-Tech Control Systems:

Z-Tech Control Systems provides engineering solutions for water utilities, power, and rail. Founded in 2000, we have enjoyed successive growth year-on-year, to our current turnover of around £19m. Our creativity and desire to fix things has provided us the opportunity to work with a large number of blue chip clients.

About Water Industry Process Automation & Control:

Water Industry Process Automation & Control is an organization that stemmed from the setup of a group on LinkedIn. The group has got to the point where it is actively creating both national and international interest to register it as a company/organization on LinkedIn. The group specializes in the discussion and dissemination of information on instrumentation, process automation, and control within the water industry on a global basis. The objectives of the organization are to promote the successes in the use of instrumentation, automation and control, and highlight the failures that are bound to happen. The requirement for this is based on the fact that the water industry is expected to deliver more water to customers through population growth, clean more water at wastewater treatment works to a greater standard, and all whilst utilizing less energy and carbon. Realistically, this can only be done by increasing the amount of instrumentation, increasing the automation, and improving on the way that the data and information and increasing the amount of products the industry produces.  This sentence makes no sense.  This in turn will increase the efficiency in the way the industry operates.

About Oliver Grievson, Tech Lead:

Oliver Grievson is a Technical Lead for the Water Industry at Z-Tech Control Systems, an industry leading company in the UK who simply install instrumentation and maintain instrumentation the way it should be installed and maintained. This gives clients the confidence that they can rely on the instrumentation and data it produces as the industry digitally transforms into a smart water industry.

Oliver, in his spare time, is also the Executive Director of Water Industry Process Automation & Control Group which is a knowledge transfer organization that started on LinkedIn and after nine years of operation is about to become a community interest company. The group works with a number of organizations to keep up to date with developments in the water industry regarding instrumentation, control and automation and its place within the Smart Water (and Wastewater Industry).

He also volunteers for a number of charities and not for profit organisations, which he helps to run, including Wastewater Education 501(C)3 and the Sensors for Water Interest Group. He also undertakes a number of other activities, including writing books and standards, for organizations such as BSI, the IWA, and the Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management.


  • Breakout Session, June 18, 2020:
    Q&A Session on Digital Transformation
  • Virtual Tradeshow, June 11, 2020:
    CEN Standard for ICA

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