SCADA Scripting Language

Standard in VTScada Development Runtime Licenses

Advanced SCADA Customization
In addition to the drag & drop toolset, VTScada provides a variety of tools to help you perform advanced SCADA customization. Background scripts, priority functions, external database tools, extensible graphics libraries and a variety of other features allow developers to meet any customer requirement.

SCADA Scripting Language

Object-Oriented SCADA Scripting Language
The VTScada scripting language (similar to C++) allows unlimited customization of almost every feature including simple display customizations, advanced tag types (with graphics), automated tag creation and complex data-handling functions.

Save Integration Time with Reusable OEM Layers
A unique feature of VTScada is the ability to create OEM code layers. This allows you to develop an extensive set of customized objects (including graphics, functions, displays and reports) and reuse them in any application.

This saves considerable development time by allowing you to create multiple applications all based on a template of error-free objects. If you make changes to an OEM layer, you can easily update applications built upon that layer by using a single VTScada ChangeSet file.

  • Copy a graphic object and paste it directly into a text editor. Make changes to properties and then paste them back unto your display.
  • Create and modify custom tag types.
  • Background scripts can run as services to start scheduled tasks or watch for specific events (e.g. run tasks when a user logs in.)