SCADA Workstation Health Monitoring

Standard Component

The VTScada Workstation Status Tag allows you to monitor and individually alarm critical computer resources including CPU usage, virtual memory used, and hard drive space.

VTScada Health Monitoring

The complete list of available values includes:

  • Running average of total system CPU
  • CPU used by VTScada only
  • Virtual memory used by VTScada (in bytes)
  • Remaining battery life in seconds and percentage
  • Power status (A/C, battery, or back-up)
  • Battery level (high, low, critical, charging, no battery)
  • Free disk spaces (bytes) for a logical disk that is addressable with a drive letter.
  • I/O bytes per second, including all disk reads/writes, as well as network traffic
  • Real memory used by VTScada (in bytes)
  • System CPU – all processes
  • Threads being used by VTScada
  • GDI objects used by VTScada
  • Handles in use by VTScada