General Release Version 11.2.22

Announcing VTScada 11.2.22 General Release

VTScada 11.2.22 is now available for download from our FTP site. If you have a valid VTScada SupportPlus Contract, you can download and install it anytime.

A Constantly Growing SCADA Solution

In addition to major software version updates, our permanent team of programmers and engineers regularly releases service updates with enhancements, bug fixes, and new features.

Some new additions to this particular version are:

  • A new driver has been created for retrieving XML or JSON formatted data from a URL.
  • Network Values, which are used extensively to share persistent data among VTScada workstations, have had several improvements:
    • The time to start an application has been reduced.
    • Changes made on different computers that are temporarily not connected by a network will result in the latest change being used rather than simply choosing the server’s value.
    • Cases where values would be different on different computers after network disruptions have been resolved.
    • The disk space required to store the Network Values has typically been reduced.
  • The user can now remove a pen from the current plot when viewing the HDV without having to use the Tag Selector dialog.
  • The ability to automatically scale analog pens in HDV plots has been added.


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Download and Install
Refer to the email containing your VTScada license key for information about where to download the latest version.  If you are not sure about what version you are eligible to download, contact us.

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