CB Automation Becomes VTScada Distributor

Serving Integrators and End Users in Ontario, Canada!

Following the success of our VTScada distributor in Western Canada, Trihedral is pleased to announce that Toronto-based CB Automation will become the distributor of VTScada monitoring and control software in Ontario; providing local sales support, training, and technical assistance to the many consultants, integrators, and end users who have been using our software for decades.

For over 30 years, CB Automation has established themselves as a leading supplier of products, solutions, and services for industrial process measurement and automation in central Canada. Their successful applications extend beyond Ontario into Quebec and Eastern Canada. They are active in such industries as water & wastewater, power & energy, chemical, petrochemical, food & beverage, metals & mining, pulp & paper, and transportation.

VTScada – The Industry’s Most Powerful SCADA Software
VTScada is award winning software that scales seamlessly from 200 to 2 million I/O tags. In Ontario alone, VTScada has been used in water & wastewater, power generation, broadcasting, manufacturing, and river controls for decades. Its integrated architecture and clear licensing reduce risk and doubt at every part of the SCADA software lifecycle.

Boots on the Ground Lead to Success
Trihedral has experienced a surge of growth over the last five years, opening new VTScada offices across North America. “Again, and again, we see that where we have a local presence, we have success,” says Trihedral Vice President Barry Baker. “When we have someone in the room doing a live demo of our software, we win. Within a few years of opening an office in Texas, the City of Houston awarded VTScada the sole SCADA software for their 400 MGD Water Purification Plant expansion. We are seeing the same spikes in growth around our new offices in the midwestern United States.”

As our recent experience in western Canada has shown, local third-party distributors are an effective way to expand our existing presence in a market. CB Automation has spent over three decades building relationships and trust with integrators and end users in this region. “We were impressed that they shared a similar corporate culture to our own with a focus on support and customer care,” says Baker. CB Automation has well established technical support and training systems to support new and existing VTScada customers. “VTScada applications can scale indefinitely,” says Baker. “Support and training are an essential part of that longevity.”

A Market Hungry for Change
For decades, the Ontario market has been locked down by a few SCADA vendors. “Now, integrators and end users alike are frustrated by a lack of innovation and hostile business practices,” says Baker. “The time is right for a fresh approach.” Not only does VTScada not discontinue versions forcing users to start over, our transparent pricing eliminates unpleasant surprises when the time comes to renew.

“CB Automation Inc. appreciates the opportunity to represent and promote VTScada software and to provide local technical support including training to our long-established SCADA users. Call our Application Specialist to discuss your project,” says Ismail.

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