Connectivity Partners

We are proud to have worked with the following connectivity partners to help improve the experience of our shared solution customers. The products listed below are sold separately. Information about their licensing, pricing, and support is available from their respective manufacturers.

Trihedral Affinity Program

VTScada includes a library of communication drivers for a wide variety of monitoring and control devices. We have also worked with these companies to create an integrated interface to their devices.

Email Joel Jackson
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MPE Pump ControllerMPE Pump Controller®*

Xylem MultiSmartMultiSmart Pump Controller®*
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Reporting and Data Management Solutions

In addition to VTScada’s integrated reporting tools, Trihedral also works with these leading reporting and data management providers to create direct interfaces for sharing process data.

Connectivity Partners e.RISe.RISTM e.Ris
Tel: 416-669-8802

Connectivity Partners FLOWatchFLOWatch®
www.flowatch.comEmail Christelle Bruneau
Tel: 908-292-8040
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XLReporter® From SyTech Incorporated **
Read Datasheet / Watch Video
Tel: 508-520-9957

Connectivity Partners Ocean Data SystemsDreamReport® from Ocean Data Systems **, Email Roy Kok
Read the Datasheet
Tel: 610-202-3940

WaterTraxWaterTrax® – Data management for regulatory compliance. ***
Tel: 604-630-3706


*              An interface to this product is built into VTScada
**           An interface to VTScada is built into this product
***         An engineering-based interface can be coded on an per-application basis