SCADA Debugging Tools

Standard Component

A suite of integrated SCADA debugging tools allow users to quickly identify custom coding problems and test solutions, including such tools as line-by-line step-through, variable watching and client/server connectivity monitoring. Additionally, device driver monitoring tools allow users to view communications data and com loss statistics to help debug field device connectivity.

VTScada Debugger

Integrated SCADA Debugging Tools

  • Logging profiler
  • Million thread history with dead threads
  • Debugging tools available locally or remotely through VTScada Internet Server
  • Automated application tests available
  • Tracing of all VTScada activities
  • VTScada Source Debugger
  • View error statistics and sent/received communications for device drivers
  • Automated application tests available
  • Code Coverage view In Source Debugger highlights what code has been run or tested to date.