e.RIS adds VTScada to List of Supported Databases

Eramosa’s direct VTScada interface helps utilities put all their data in context.

Trihedral and Eramosa are happy to announce the addition of VTScada to the long list of popular third-party platforms that can now feed data into e.RIS systems. Eramosa worked directly with VTScada to create a custom interface which greatly simplifies the process of connecting to VTScada’s powerful built-in Historian. The e.RIS platform uses that data to generate charts, graphs, tables, and ad-hoc reports in regularly accessible formats.

e.RIS adds VTScada to List of Supported Databases

e.RIS – Your Information… Smarter – e.RIS is a reporting and decision support platform that improves efficiency by seamlessly blending data from existing information systems into a single meaningful interface. Supported systems include SCADA, GIS, meteorological, hydrological, electrical, environmental, and laboratory data.

VTScada – Instantly Intuitive SCADA – VTScada improves the whole SCADA/HMI life cycle by integrating all core SCADA components into one easy-to-use package. This unique design allows users to create world-class applications in less time and maintain them indefinitely. Industries include water and wastewater, oil and gas, power generation, and broadcasting.

Leveraging Existing Systems – VTScada’s built-in communication drivers allow you to adopt a modern SCADA system without replacing all your PLCs and RTUs. The flexibility of e.RIS allows you to dovetail the data that VTScada collects from these devices with a variety of other relational databases. This leverages the investments already made in existing systems and centralizes access to enterprise data. Combining e.RIS and VTScada also improves accessibility by allowing authorized operators and administrators to launch e.RIS on every VTScada server across the facility.

Key Benefits – Visualize trends over time, manage, analyze, and report on information in a comprehensive way. Meet regulatory compliance and understand operational situations before key decision making.

Bring All Your Data to Life – We are happy to talk with you about how e.RIS and VTScada can help your team get the most from their systems.

  • Chris Little (Canada) – email – 902-817-7289
  • Tim Kruse (US) – email – 313-556-2840