General Release V12.1.26

Announcing VTScada 12.1.26 General Release

In addition to major software version updates, our team regularly releases service updates with enhancements, bug fixes, and new features.

New to this Version:

  • The GetAdaptersInfo() statement now returns the IPv4 subnet broadcast address and mask for IPv4 addresses.
  • Motorola ACE RTU Tags now display the RTU ID in the address field of the Tag Browser.
  • The Numeric entry widget now supports entry of historic values with older timestamps for numeric memory tags.
  • VTScada now supports direct communication with PC3 and PC10 series Toyopuc PLCs with the new Toyopuc Driver.
  • VTScada now has more robust and independent security for internet client connections by only allowing one application per realm.
  • Non-realm security roles can now be selected when configuring realm user accounts.

Download the latest released version of VTScada*
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Version 12.1 – Mission Critical Features for Systems of Any Size

While VTScada was designed to run the largest systems in the world, it makes mission critical strategies practical for even the smallest applications. Version 12.1 continues to provide powerful new tools to help you seamlessly grow your systems while prioritizing process uptime.