General Release V12.1.29

Announcing VTScada 12.1.29 General Release

In addition to major software version updates, our team regularly releases service updates with enhancements, bug fixes, and new features.

New to this Version:

  • VTScada now supports the display of a user specified tab in a folder widget.
  • VTScada now supports generating X509 certificates with subject alternative names.
  • Operators can now shelve tag alarms from the right-click context menu.
  • VTScada now provides a way to disable the control of output tags by using locks. A lock on a tag prevents manual control of that tag and its descendant tags until the lock is removed.
  • VTScada now provides better support for receiving high UDP throughput.
  • The CIP Protocol compliance of the Rockwell Driver has been improved, resulting in better reliability and more accurate error and general information reporting.
  • F1635 Alarm suppression via an expression has been separated from the alarm disable checkbox so they can be independently set in the I/O & Calculation tag and the Alarm tag. There are now options to log or not log the alarm status while an alarm is disabled or suppressed. There is now an option to log or not log suppression events.
  • The Dataflow Flow System RTU driver can now read analog values from the Radio Interface Module and read digital points on analog cards.

Download the latest released version of VTScada*
*A software key is required. If you need a key, please contact us.

Version 12.1 – Mission Critical Features for Systems of Any Size

While VTScada was designed to run the largest systems in the world, it makes mission critical strategies practical for even the smallest applications. Version 12.1 continues to provide powerful new tools to help you seamlessly grow your systems while prioritizing process uptime.