General Release V12.1.35

Announcing VTScada 12.1.35 General Release

In addition to major software version updates, our team regularly releases service updates with enhancements, bug fixes, and new features.

New to this Version:

  • The text size is now adjustable in the Historical Data Viewer.
  • Coordinates in the object properties dialog in the Idea Studio can now be adjusted using spin boxes.
  • The Idea Studio now positions pasted graphics at the current mouse coordinates.
  • The Idea Studio file open dialog now remembers the previous filter option.
  • After opening a .profile file in the Profiler, the Profiler now shows the name of the file being viewed.
  • VTScada now provides more configuration options to help with more complex network configurations when using VTScada’s VOIP interface.
  • VTScada OPC UA Client Driver now establishes a secure connection with an OPC UA server that identifies its connection message based on the identifier assigned by the Client.
  • Added the ability to use VOIP, Twilio, and voice modem configurations as redundant backups for voice calls initiated by the alarm notification service.
  • VTScada VOIP now allows encrypted call setup and encrypted audio for voice-based alarm notification.

Download the latest released version of VTScada*
*A software key is required. If you need a key, please contact us.

Version 12.1 – Mission Critical Features for Systems of Any Size

While VTScada was designed to run the largest systems in the world, it makes mission critical strategies practical for even the smallest applications. Version 12.1 continues to provide powerful new tools to help you seamlessly grow your systems while prioritizing process uptime.