General Release V12.1.37

In addition to major software version updates, our team regularly releases service updates with enhancements, bug fixes, and new features.

New to this Version:

  • VTScada now supports the override of the default help files for standard VTScada pages with custom help files.
  • The DrawHDV widget Plot View can now be configured so that the legend will only be tall enough to display all pens, up to 50% of the plot area, by default. This setting is also applied to all pop-up HDVs.
  • It is now possible to use Driver Redirect tags in Standard Applications.
  • VTScada now supports a custom hook, PageListForGoToPageHook, which defines the list of pages that the Go To Page dialog should display for a given tag.
  • When linking widgets to tags in the Idea Studio, the Tag Browser now opens to the location of the last tag linked by the user.
  • Support for WebSockets has been added to VTScada.
  • VTScada now supports the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) for communicating with electric vehicle infrastructure via the OCPP Driver and OCPP Users tags.

Download the latest released version of VTScada*
*A software key is required. If you need a key, please contact us.

Version 12.1 – Mission Critical Features for Systems of Any Size

While VTScada was designed to run the largest systems in the world, it makes mission critical strategies practical for even the smallest applications. Version 12.1 continues to provide powerful new tools to help you seamlessly grow your systems while prioritizing process uptime.