QT LTD and Crescent Point Energy Partnership

Press Release

QT LTD is pleased to share its partnership and success with Crescent Point Energy Corp. (“Crescent Point” or “CPG”) (TSX and NYSE:CPG), as their Trusted OT (Operational Technology) Advisors and Management Consulting Group.

We are providing our trusted advisor leadership and involvement with Crescent Point, assisting them in achieving their OT goals at the Board, Executive, and Field level, through the review and optimization of various operational related work flows, and then integrating appropriate automation and technology, to support the new work flows.

By promoting grass roots driven workflow optimization, all OT automation and technology solutions are focused on the CPG Operational Technology Platform (OTP); providing near real time data integrations with various corporate and engineering systems, and corporate BI dashboard and reporting solutions.

Rob Fiorentino VP, Operations and Technology Crescent Point Energy – “Crescent Point has successfully removed approximately $130 million of permanent operating costs throughout 2019 and 2020 as a result of its OT Platform and other cost reduction initiatives. During this period, QT played an integral role in assisting us with our OT related work flow and technology efficiencies. They built an outstanding rapport with our field operations and were able to recreate a new model of an operator’s workday while breaking down silos throughout our multiple disciplines and groups. Our OT platform and new work flow optimizations have enhanced our cost structure, reduced our environmental footprint and risk profile while also increasing collaboration across multiple disciplines. We are currently targeting to integrate our OT Platform throughout the remainder of our asset base in 2021.”

The CPG OTP is comprised of the following key work flows, used to manage CPG field operations, that are presented within the SCADA system, Trihedral’s VTScada: well and facility health checks/visit/work orders, oil well management and optimization, water well/flood management and optimization, well servicing/down time management, remote well and facility monitoring with cameras, chemical program management, and oil, gas, and water pipeline monitoring and leak detection.

Field operators utilize a custom developed mobile application to receive their daily health checks, visits, and work orders, and allow them to do remote automated field data capture, well test management, well down detection, chemical management, alarm management via the use of contextual rich smart alarms and smart events, and the execution of key maintenance activities.

At the core of the OTP is Trihedral’s VTScada platform and an OT BI/Data Warehouse engine; all cloud enabled and hosted in AWS, with over 14,000 devices continually communicating with the OTP for monitoring and management. A variety of third party well head monitoring and management automation solutions are integrated into the OTP directly and virtually, by integrating third party vendor automation clouds into the CPG OTP cloud, creating “virtual polling”. This provides CPG with flexible options in integrating “fit for purpose” OT technologies from various vendors. The VTScada historian and third-party package (3PP) cloud data is written near real time into a central PostgreSQL OT Data warehouse, providing immediate access for analytics and data integrations into various OT, volumetric, field data capture, accounting, well management, and other engineering applications hosted in corporate environments.

Trihedral is a key partner in this success, the creator and provider of world class SCADA software, VTScada and support engineering services for the ongoing development of the VTScada software platform.

QCSI is the lead OTP SCADA and OT BI integrator, acting primarily as VTScada integration experts, and a leading automation integrator, specializing in many SCADA platforms and OT solutions.

BettsM Controls provides VTScada licensing and OT integration services.

QCSI, Trihedral, and BettsM Controls are key partners of QT LTD.

Watch for some exciting announcements from QT, QCSI, and Trihedral, on solutions allowing other companies to achieve the same OT results!

If you need a Trusted OT Advisor / OT Management Consulting team, please contact Shane Yamkowy at shane.yamkowy@qtltd.ca; we can help you develop and strategy and plan to update your work flows and maximize your automation, technology, and integrate your operational and engineering data into your BI systems for near real time reporting and system integration, to help you reduce your OPEX