Trihedral Appoints Devraj Sen as Chief Technology Officer


Trihedral Appoints Devraj Sen as Chief Technology Officer
Trihedral Appoints Devraj Sen as Chief Technology Officer

March 14, 2022 – Trihedral, a Delta Group Company is proud to announce that Devraj Sen, a 20-year veteran of the company, has been appointed Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Based in Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada, this role oversees the newly combined R&D and Engineering teams and serves as the liaison between them and the rest of the company. This official announcement follows almost a year of successfully acting in this capacity.

Glenn Wadden, President of Trihedral and Chief Software Architect for VTScada, is pleased to be making this news public. “Now that Trihedral is part of the Delta family of companies, the demand for new features has never been greater,” says Wadden. “Our combined Technology group has really transformed how our engineers and developers work together resulting in a faster turn-around time, and greater customer satisfaction. Devraj’s unique skills and long history with the company made him uniquely qualified to oversee this process.”

Devraj started out at Trihedral’s headquarters as a co-op student in 2000. After graduating from Dalhousie University at the top of his class with the University Medal in Computing Science, he joined Trihedral as a Software Developer in 2003. Since then, he has been involved with developing key VTScada features such as the Historical Data Viewer and the Historian.

“Engineers and programmers actively collaborating on projects and the core VTScada product alike has been very successful for us,” says Sen. “When programmers work on projects, they get firsthand insight into how the features they develop are used in the field. When project engineers work on the product, they gain a depth of product knowledge and learn the rigors of developing solid code and bring that back to customer projects. The new organizational structure is already allowing us to be more responsive to customer needs and solidify our position as the technology leader.”

About VTScada and Trihedral

Trihedral, a Delta Group Company, is the sole developer of VTScada software, an award-winning monitoring and control platform used in some of the world’s largest mission critical applications. VTScada brings unparalleled power, resiliency, and scalability to industrial systems of any size.

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