VTScada Comes to Chile

VTScada comes to Chile monitoring highway toll booths.

Open Control Ltd., based in Santiago, Chile, has just completed work on the first VTScada monitoring and control application in the country.

The system was designed for Intervial Chile, the largest operator of Chilean toll-road concessions. VTScada now monitors 20 SCADA TBOX cabinets at highway toll-booths across the country.

About Open Controls Ltd
Open Control Limited is engaged in the execution of projects in the areas SCADA and Systems for Process Control . We are service oriented, with conventions and remote support 24/7. We have availability of equipment for all kinds of tasks in different applications from the field of software (SCADA, MES, ERP, etc.) mining solutions, communications and energy. Currently OPEN CONTROL is a company with highly skilled professionals and able to carry out large projects.  www.opencontrol.cl

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