VTScadaFest 2018

VTScada International Technical Training and Community Conference – Feb 7-8, 2018, Orlando, FL

“I wanted to thank you for the great time and look forward to the next one.”
Dick Gregg, SCADA Systems Specialist, Engineer Service Corporation, Florida

“Just when you think you know everything about VTScada, you come to this conference and learn a whole lot more.  I’ve done nothing but take notes of things to add to our repertoire for Information and Technology.”
Kurtis Jackson, SCADA Specialist, Canadian Natural Resources Limited (CNRL), Alberta

“It has been absolutely fabulous having the Developer’s Den.  To be able to sit down with the engineers who wrote the drivers and also have the opportunity to give direct influence on the product via feature requests is incredible.  The technical support I receive from Trihedral is unmatched.”
Joel Hying, ‎Technology Support Specialist, ‎HOA Solutions Inc., Nebraska

“We are here this week doing testing and learning about the system.  The conference has been excellent.  The instructor’s have just been fabulous. We’ve been to the Developer’s Den and able to get one-on-one which has been really good.”
Dave Edwards, SCADA Technician, St Johns County, Florida

“We just wanted to say thanks for inviting us to the event. It was put together very well. Lots of good information.”
Bill Dick, Project Manager, Telemetry & Control Systems Solutions, Inc., Florida

“We wanted to take a minute and thank y’all for the hard work and preparation everyone did to pull off the first annual VTScada Fest. I feel the information our company got from this event has gone a long way towards getting us started to utilize and promote VTScada where we can in the municipal market.  We all have a much deeper understanding of the capabilities of all the software after attending.”
Bill Parrish, Director of Business Development, piedmont Automation, North Carolina

“I’m having a great time at VTScadaFest, there are lots of interesting topics and conversations going on.  There are some great networking opportunities.  It is the first time they are holding it and they are killing it!  Hopefully they do it again.”
Mike Stoup, I&C/SCADA Group Manager, McKim & Creed, Florida

“We came to see the new capabilities that are being released next year so that we can market VTScada to our customers better.  Really enjoying the sessions especially the one on virtual servers, but they are all really interesting.”
James Denton, Manager, Electric Machine Control, Inc, Alabama

“I came to VTScadaFest to learn more about Cyber Security and the new features that VTScada will offer.  The conference has been excellent and I’m looking forward to next year.”
Luis Acosta, Chief of Central Maintenance, City of Ocala Water Resources, Florida

“The conference has been fantastic and extremely well organized; really enjoyed the new features and the discussions.  Lots of things being talked about in the Developers Den, getting the one on one time with the people who develop the product is a huge benefit.”
Mervyn Betts, Owner, BettsM Controls Inc, Alberta

“The event last night was very fun, thanks for hosting it!  The conference has been very informative.  Everyone at VTScada is very knowledgeable about the product, I enjoyed the conference.”
Dan Naughton,  Director, Industrial Products, CONTEC Americas Inc., Illinois

“I have got amazing knowledgeable about VTScada and its features.”
Jed Thompson, Technical Administrator, Barney’s Pumps, Florida

“I have really gotten a lot from this conference; I have learned a lot of things I didn’t know.  The Developers Den is really beneficial and was a great addition to the technical sessions.”
Doug Turner, Lead Specialist, Engineering Systems, Surge Energy America, LLC, Texas

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the hard work put into VTScadaFest last week. Everyone in your organization did a fantastic job.”
Roger Brand, Utilities – Technical Services Manager, Village of Wellington, Florida

Who attended?

  • System Integrators
  • OEMs
  • Project Engineers
  • Utility Directors and Managers
  • In-house SCADA programmers
  • SCADA Operators

Learn From the Experts!

Technical training sessions were hosted by members of our R&D and engineering group covering topics from architecture design, IT and security considerations, understanding advanced protocols, improving integration efficiencies, planning for long-term growth, design considerations, and more than a dozen product-focused technical training sessions.  We previewed VTScada Version 12 (which promises some game-changing elements all on its own)!

Review the topics here.