VTScada Top Reseller Award

For 2023
Congratulations to BettsM Controls Inc!

BettsM Controls is a technology-oriented product development company, value-added reseller, and an exclusive or premier distributor for Western Canada (VTScada, TBox, Kingfisher, Xetawave, FlowWorx, e.RIS, Quantum EFM, Signal Fire, Digital Water Solutions, ETA Energy Solutions, Clear Water Clarification Technologies). At BettsM, we strive to ensure that all of our products and solutions specifically meet your business needs, and that our products are technically relevant for legacy, current, and future solutions. We provide training and first-line support for all of our products, ensuring you maximize the value of your purchases. Like BettsM, all the product manufacturers that we represent are highly customer- focused and they share our same values, so that your buying and life-cycle experience will be thorough, efficient, and valuable. The industrial technology revolution is nothing to fear or miss. Let BettsM empower you with the products and guidance required to significantly improve your bottom line. Be better, with BettsM. BettsM Controls Inc.