Welcome Southern Integrated Solutions & Consulting (SISC)

Trihedral is pleased to announce a Certified Solution Provider agreement with Southern Integrated Solutions & Consulting (SISC) of Broussard, Louisiana.


Southern Integrated Solutions & Consulting, LLC is a system integration company that provides an extensive range of services, products and customized systems to all sectors of the oil and gas, utilities, manufacturing, & mining industries.

Our team of dedicated professionals includes Automation Electrical and Control Systems Consultants, Project Managers, System Integrators, and I&E Technicians.

We have years of experience in Automation, SCADA, I&E Construction, Process Control and Safety Instrumented System Design, Safety Integrity Level Selection & Verification, Safety Lifecycle Modeling, Real time Data Collection, MCC & Switchgear Design, and Fabrication.

Contact: 337-523-9097

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