Welcome Tierney Strachan Consulting Ltd.

Trihedral is pleased to announce a Certified Solution Provider agreement withierney Strachan Consulting Ltd. of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.


Based in Aberdeen, Tierney Strachan provides a comprehensive range of control system services covering all phases from conception to spares, to a variety of process industries. We are committed to quality and are passionate about value, as reflected by the volume of repeat business we receive. We strive to be the first choice company in the provision of process control engineering by delivering enhanced services through:

  • understanding the process behaviour and how it operates – a fundamental difference from many of our competitors;
  • building-in operating experience to the design of our systems, especially at the start of a project, during conceptual and detailed design;
  • selecting the most appropriate equipment and technology for an application and most importantly using the equipment within its’ limitations;
  • building in robustness, resilience and consistency of operation;
  • maintaining value in everything we do.

Contact: 01224 295000

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