General Release V 12.0.07

Announcing VTScada 12.0.07 General Release

A Constantly Growing SCADA Solution
In addition to major software version updates, our permanent team of programmers and engineers regularly releases service updates with enhancements, bug fixes, and new features.

New Features in Version 12.0.07:

  • Alarms can now be configured to automatically remove themselves from the Unacked list when they clear.
  • A new function, MarshalCredential(), to marshal credentials for use with WindowsLogon.
  • Performance of historian has been improved when writing records with text fields.
  • Performance of historian has been improved when reading records with text fields.
  • New training simulator added to VTScada examples.
  • Miscellaneous PLC Alarm tag enhancements
  • The Sparklines widget can now plot any number of alarm setpoints.
  • IO and Calculations Tags in string modes now can pad string with spaces before output.

See all the new Version 12 features!

Download and Install
Refer to the email containing your VTScada license key for information about where to download the latest version.  If you are not sure about what version you are eligible to download, contact us.

Download the free version of our award-winning SCADA Software:  VTScadaLIGHT