SCADA Project Completed for Terrebonne Parish

VTScada selected for SCADA Project


The Louisiana Parish of Terrebonne boasts a population of 111,860 and the state’s second largest total land area. In the heart of bayou country is the parish seat, the City of Houma, home to Consolidated Waterworks (CWW) District No. 1 of Terrebonne Parish, which serves approximately 42,000 accounts. We are pleased to announce VTScada has just been selected for their SCADA project needs.

The system will provide a centralized view of operations for two water treatment plants in Houma and Schriever, plus a network of elevated and ground storage water tanks. VTScada 11.1 will replace a legacy iFix SCADA platform and will provide fully redundant OPC communications to an existing network of Automation Direct DirectLogic DL06 controllers. This system will take advantage of VTScada’s integrated Application Version Control and Configuration Management to systematically transfer functionality from the old to the new platforms with an eye toward zero downtime.

The new system will include a server at each of the plants, configured as a geographically separated redundant pair, supporting local plant operations, managing Alarm Notification and allowing an unlimited number of Thin Client connections. A wall of four large screen TVs will provide continuous summary process, trend and alarms views while an engineering station allows online configuration changes with instant deployment to all Thick and Thin Client users.

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