SCADA Projects in South Dakota

City of Custer and Powder House Pass



City of Custer, South Dakota

Generally considered to be the oldest town established by European Americans in the Black Hills of South Dakota, Custer has an award winning water department. Since the facility was built in 1986, it has received the State of South Dakota Merit Award for Excellence in Operations and Maintenance numerous times.

We are pleased that this award winning team has chosen VTScada software for their new SCADA system.

Quinten Shultz, Branch Manager at Dakota Pump, Inc. (DPI) says “Over the years, portions of the control system failed and were not repaired due to availability of parts, reducing the primary control to a manual scheme. DPI designed a new modern control scheme featuring a PLC system in conjunction with VTScada to control plant operations, log historical data, and signal alarms. VTScada will eventually replace the existing outsourced alarm notification system.”

Powder House Pass, South Dakota

We are proud that VTScada was also chosen for South Dakota’s second Community Improvement District (CID). Located in the beautiful Black Hills, Powder House Pass in Lawrence County will serve a residential development that will manage its own water supply and sewer treatment system. The completed system will feature a DPI booster pumping station, ground storage reservoir, sewage lift station, and a Mirranda® packaged sewer treatment system. Each site will have a cellular connection to a VTScada master and provide a state-of-the-art monitoring system for this small utility, allowing it to be operated by minimal staff.

Congratulations to Dakota Pump, Inc., and Interstate Engineering of Spearfish, SD. This SCADA project is a joint design venture between the two.











Shultz explains the reasons for choosing VTScada for these projects, “VTScada is an easy sell to customers and engineers especially when the alternatives are considered. From a financial viewpoint, VTScada is far less expensive to purchase and support year after year than competing products. Integration time is reduced considerably, particularly when configuring trending and alarms.”

Additionally, he has this to say about DPI’s recommendation, “We recommend VTScada over every HMI product we have used in the last 15 years. Aside from its ease of use and inherent value, our programmers appreciate the willingness of Trihedral Tech Support to dig into any problem, big or small, to find a solution. We have found the quality of tech support to be far superior to any software system we have used to date.”

About Dakota Pump, Inc.: Since the 1950’s Dakota Pump, Inc. has manufactured high quality pumping systems for water and wastewater utilities. An integral part of that manufacturing and engineering business has been an in-house UL508A panel shop. The custom control business has evolved greatly since the days of electro-mechanical control. Today, programmable controls are at the heart of nearly every product built at DPI. In the late 1990’s the movement to programmable systems in the OEM pumping business was just gaining momentum. By 2002, DPI found that outsourcing programming services for these products was no longer cost effective, so in 2003, DPI started an Automation and Control Group. Since forming the Automation and Control Group, DPI has become recognized in South Dakota (and parts of adjoining states) for building non-proprietary, and serviceable SCADA systems of the highest quality in addition to systems built for OEM pumping systems. DPI offers automation services from initial concept to engineering to final commissioning. Markets served include treatment of water and wastewater, irrigation, machine building, and industrial coating systems. Regardless of the industry, customer service is the main focus at Dakota Pump, Inc.

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