The VTScada Innovation Award

For 2022

Kyle Hyland with Blackrock Automation demonstrates their unique use of VTScada’s standard Slippy Maps utility to display scanned site drawings allowing users to easily navigate distributed equipment. This application won the 2022 VTScada Innovation Award given out at VTScadaFest in Orlando, Florida, in March 2022.

Blackrock Automation Ltd was founded in 2010 by Kevin Heller as a means of providing an elite level of development, integration, service and customer support for varied areas of oil and gas production. This goal is met or exceeded with the work ethic, experience and execution provided by all employees at Blackrock Automation. Since our inception, we have expanded our service offering to various industries such as Wastewater, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Construction, Municipalities, among others. We are a growing company with focus on service and all sizes of construction or upgrade projects. We are currently fully insured in North America and actively working in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, North Dakota, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, Indiana, New Mexico, Mexico and Africa.
The Automation Village Spotlight: Blackrock Automation

Award accepted by Kevin Heller and Kyle Hyland